Customized care with musculoskeletal treatment journeys as unique as our members.

No one treatment plan works for everyone. Different areas of the body respond to pain in unique ways. That’s why Nimble Health customizes care recommendations based on each of our members’ unique needs, personal preferences, and specific type of injury as demonstrated by the following case studies:

Patient Journey: Knee

A 42-year-old athletic female is diagnosed with a meniscus tear after twisting her knee while playing soccer.

Primary Care Visit

The patient visits a primary care physician; an MRI is ordered.

Scheduling an MRI

Nimble Health helps schedule the MRI at a high-quality, low-cost facility, saving the patient hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket costs.

MRI Results

The MRI shows a meniscus tear. The primary care physician advises seeing an orthopedic surgeon.

Orthopedic Surgeon Referral

Nimble Health guides the patient to a skilled, local, in-network orthopedic surgeon and follows up after the appointment.

Clinical Recommendation

The conservative surgeon advises that surgery may be needed, but physical therapy could reduce symptoms and strengthen muscles.

Virtual Physical Therapy

Nimble Health offers in-person or virtual physical therapy (PT) options. The patient opts for virtual PT. A Nimble Health nurse health coach sets up a remote evaluation, and then follows up to track progress.

Released From Care

After 4 to 6 weeks of in-home, virtual physical therapy—with no out-of-pocket costs—the patient is released from the surgeon’s care to continue normal activities. No surgery is needed.

Patient Journey: Hip

A 64-year-old male patient has chronic pain in his hip from his job as a construction worker. The diagnosis was moderate hip osteoarthritis and a labral tear.

Chronic Pain

The patient’s hip pain has gotten consistently worse over time.

PRP Injections

The patient has seen an orthopedist for many years and been given PRP injections—paid out of pocket—yet pain persists.

Mri Ordered

The orthopedist orders a hip MRI. Nimble Health helps the patient find a local, low-cost, in-network, freestanding facility to perform the scan.

Referral To Orthopedic Surgeon

The patient expresses disappointment with his current orthopedist. A Nimble Health nurse health coach refers him to an in-network, conservative, quality orthopedic surgeon and helps schedule the appointment.

MRI Results

Nimble Health follows up with the patient and learns the MRI reveals moderate hip osteoarthritis and a labral tear.

Surgical Recommendation

The new orthopedic surgeon recommends a total hip replacement.

Surgical Procedure

The patient has a successful surgery at an outpatient ambulatory surgical center (ASC) and is sent home.


Nimble Health contacts the patient three days after surgery to check in. The patient reports that he is very satisfied with his experience and feels that he is recovering well.

Patient Journey: Neck and Back

While snowboarding five years ago, a 29-year—old athletic male injured his neck and back. The diagnosis was a C4-C5 injury.

Orthopedic Surgeon Visits

The patient hurt his neck and back in a snowboarding accident five years prior and was treated by an orthopedic surgeon at the time. 

MRI Ordered

Because the pain is getting worse, the orthopedic surgeon orders an MRI.

In-network MRI

Nimble Health helps schedule the MRI at a high-quality, low-cost imaging center. The patient pays only a $100 co-insurance compared to well over $300 had he gone to a different facility.

Curated Education

A Nimble Health nurse health coach consults with the patient and provides AAOS education for neck pain.

Orthopedic Consult

The patient is concerned after the orthopedic surgeon recommends neck surgery.

Virtual Second Opinion

Nimble Health connects the patient with Cleveland Clinic to receive a virtual second surgical opinion in the comfort of his own home.

Revised Surgical Recommendation

The patient receives his second surgical opinion and a less-invasive outpatient procedure—a decompression—is recommended.

Referral To Vetted Spine Surgeon

Nimble Health agents connect the patient to a skilled in-network spine surgeon. 


Post-surgery, Nimble Health follows up with the patient and learns there’s a question about when to start the recommended home exercise program.

Patient Advocacy

The Nimble Health agent calls the surgeon with the patient on the line and is told the exercise program should be started immediately.

Patient Journey: Shoulder

A 49-year-old female patient injured her shoulder while trying to catch a paint bucket that was falling. The diagnosis was a rotator cuff tear.

PCP Visit

After a house painting injury, the patient has trouble raising her arm and seeks out a primary care physician (PCP). The PCP recommends a visit to an orthopedic surgeon, who diagnoses a rotator cuff tear.

MRI Ordered

Nimble Health reaches out to the patient to schedule the MRI ordered by the orthopedic surgeon at a quality-vetted, low-cost facility. The MRI reveals a full-thickness tear of the rotator cuff.

Referral To In-network Surgeon

Because the orthopedist is no longer performing surgery, the patient needs a new physician to do the procedure. Nimble Health connects the patient to a highly skilled in-network surgeon and schedules a consult.

Surgical Recommendation

The new surgeon agrees that the patient needs a rotator cuff repair and goes on to explain the importance of keeping a certain amount of motion in the shoulder so it does not “freeze up” or become encapsulated.


Post-procedure, a Nimble Health nurse health coach follows up with the patient three days after surgery.

Physical Therapy

The patient works with a physical therapist to prevent a frozen shoulder.

Complete Recovery

Due to prompt care, the patient was able to have the necessary surgery without complications and recovered completely.