Nimble Health helps patients access high-quality providers of musculoskeletal (MSK) care quickly and conveniently.

We provide patients with the information they need to understand their benefits and out-of-pocket costs before the day of their appointment. We schedule a wide range of MSK clinical services, such as diagnostic imaging, specialist physician consultants, physical therapy, pain management, and, if needed, surgery.

Concierge scheduling services include:

  • Exam preparation assistance
  • Pre-exam safety screenings
  • Assistance in estimating out-of-pocket costs
  • Appointment scheduling with top in-network MSK specialist physicians, as well as diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, pain management, and surgery
  • Virtual physical therapy clinical appropriateness evaluations and referrals
  • Virtual second opinions from Cleveland Clinic

Service Example: Advanced Imaging Exams

Nimble Health provides in-network concierge scheduling for members who need advanced radiology diagnostic tests (MRI, CT, or PET), even if the scan is not related to an MSK-body part.


Nimble Health offers:

  • Cost-effective imaging facilities meeting high standards for image quality and patient safety
  • Priority scheduling with convenient days and times at facilities located close to a member’s home or workplace
  • Help in calculating out-of-pocket costs before the appointment

Example of member savings with a 30% co-insurance:

Service Without Nimble Health With Nimble Health Total savings
MRI scan cost $1790 $550 $1240
Member payment $537 $165 $372